Package 1- Exterior Wash                                               $39.95
Wash exterior, door jams, windows, rims, dress rims and tires

Package 2- Wash & Wax                                                $100.00
High Pressure wash, buff/wax exterior. clean, dress and polish tires and rims. Clean interior & exterior windows. Vacuum interior.

Package 3- Ultimate Details-(* 2 Door Car)                *$149.95
Steam clean engine. High pressure wash exterior,clean, dress and polish tires & rims. Buff & wash exterior. Vacuum & Shampoo interior. Clean & dress interior Vinyls & leather Clean interior & exterior windows,Trunks. 
(* 4 Door starts at)                                                          *$160.00
SUV's                                                                starts at  $175.95

Interior's                                                                          $100.00

​Minivans                                                          starts at  $200.00

Prices May Vary Due To Vehicle Condition and Size